Every workplace generates lingering conflicts, yet few organizations have rethought the way they work, or used conflict resolution skills and ideas to prevent and transform the sources of this conflict or examined their organizational communications and “conflict cultures” to discover how their conflicts are generated and reduce their reoccurrence. Fewer still have integrated conflict resolution and coaching, trained leaders to manage challenging conversations, used conflict resolution principles to inform their change processes, conducted “conflict audits” to reveal where these streams of conflict originate, or designed complex, multi-layered, self-correcting systems to improve their capacity for conflict prevention, resolution, and transformation.  As such, this workshop, identifies new skills in organizational dialogue, leadership, teamwork, and collaborative processes. Strategies and techniques are examined that help participants shape an organizational context of values, ethics and integrity; develop collaborative, linking leadership; build innovative self- managing teams; and integrate strategically positive, productive change. Participants are introduced to competencies that will empower them to become “conflict leaders”. This training program is interactive and participatory.

Prerequisite:  Basic Mediation


No matter what yesterday was like, birds always start the day with a new song.

The courses here are some of the best courses I have ever taken in my legal career. I highly recommend taking all of their courses! 

Rich P.

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