John Naisbitt (Futurist and Author) wrote, “Strategic Planning is Useless – Unless There is First Strategic Vision”.  Promoting this concept, this two-day course focusses on the following three initiatives – defining and developing strategic vision, understanding how to develop a strategic plan necessary to achieve the goals of that vision, and assisting participants in developing their own strategic plan based on a proposition they will bring to the class.  Note: The second day will primarily focus on the participant’s proposal using the information provided on Day One. The intent of this class is not only to provide foundational knowledge of Strategic Planning and Vision, but to help the student develop a workable plan to achieve their stated goals. This training program is interactive and participatory.


No matter what yesterday was like, birds always start the day with a new song.

The courses here are some of the best courses I have ever taken in my legal career. I highly recommend taking all of their courses! 

Rich P.

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