You get a call that in a meeting your employee just “lost” it, went on a tirade and got up and slammed out of the room? What do you do as a Manger/Supervisor? You understand the impact of those behaviors and the ripple effect it has on the entire organization. There can be a fine line between an employee being angry and showing strong emotions; and someone crossing the line and potentially causing harm to another person. Your staff need to understand that everyone is expected to act and communicate in a professional, non-threatening way.  As a Manager you are responsible to provide a safe work environment, influence the behaviors of your staff, and educate staff on how to respond if they encounter belligerence in the workplace. This class addresses the following tenets of anger management: Understanding Anger, Managing the Anger Behavior and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace Setting.  Participants will have an opportunity to participate in an interactive role play session in which they get to practice their new skills.


No matter what yesterday was like, birds always start the day with a new song.

The courses here are some of the best courses I have ever taken in my legal career. I highly recommend taking all of their courses! 

Rich P.

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